Case Study


GearFit is a website that allows Air Force aircrew to submit direct feedback about their gear, better informing decisions about critical flight equipment.

The Challenge

Having properly fitting gear is critical to mission safety and success for Air Force aircrew. Without the right feedback systems in place, gear reps don’t have the data they need to meet the equipment needs of a diverse range of Airmen.

The Solution

BESPIN built GearFit, a secure cloud-hosted application, to provide an easy way for users to submit feedback about their gear. It also allows decision makers to view issues and provide support. GearFit has helped:

  • Shape requirements for female bladder relief devices
  • Inform AFWERX competitions for improved helmets
  • Get custom oxygen masks for aircrew
  • Develop female two-piece flight suit (A2CU-F) requirements
  • Identify safety concerns with gunners’ belts
The Team

Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) subject matter experts within AF Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) partnered with BESPIN and a vendor, Skylight, to develop GearFit.

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