Case Study


Kinderspot supports the need for quality childcare services within the Air Force.

The Challenge

In the military, it takes an average of three months for a daycare spot to open. If a family needs to leave temporarily for weeks of training, they typically continue paying childcare costs so they won’t lose their spot. Parents are wasting money on unused childcare, while others are unable to use temporarily vacant spots.

The Solution

Kinderspot is a mobile application that allows military and DoD civilian families to offer and rent short-term childcare in weekly segments at participating Child Development Centers. A web admin portal enables CDC staff to manage data. Since the idea first surfaced in 2019, Kinderspot has:

  • Deployed at nine Air Force bases
  • Garnered 1,080 users
  • Started consolidating child care databases across the Air Force
The Team

BESPIN developed Kinderspot in partnership with vendor Oddball.

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